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Emergency Management


The Tribe is working with Nelson Andrews (Mashpee Wampanoag) and consultants Horsley Witten Group to develop an Emergency Management Program.  The Program will develop three plans to enable the Tribe to effectively respond to natural, man-made and technological hazards.

The first plan is a Hazard Mitigation Plan which identifies and ranks potential hazards in our area.  Following that, we will plan steps to reduce loss of life and losses to economic, natural, historical and cultural resources.

An Emergency Response Plan will then be developed to standardize our approach to emergency management, including written response checklists for hazards identified in the Hazard Mitigation Plan.  This response will include communication with tribal citizens and other emergency response agencies.

The third plan is Continuity of Operations that will help us maintain/reestablish essential Tribal Operations (e.g., communications, family services, health services, housing) during an emergency situation.

Hazard Mitigation

We have established a Tribal Hazard Mitigation Committee (THMC) composed primarily of the Administrative Staff.  Using State, regional and county resources, the THMC and consultants have identified potential hazards in our area which may impact the Tribe.  These hazards have been ranked according to the likelihood of their occurrence and the potential loss of life and of economic, natural, historical, and cultural resources  that might be experienced. The next step for the THMC is to develop long-term strategies, including incident-specific response plans, for protecting people and property.

A kickoff workshop was held virtually on December 2, 2020. The PowerPoint presentation from the workshop is below. We ask all citizens to please take a few moments to review the PowerPoint and to complete the Hazard Mitigation survey.

Plan Overview


Workshop PowerPoint

Workshop No. 2 PowerPoint

Chickahominy Indian Tribe Hazard Mitigation Plan Draft