Ancient Ways

A rolling mist still clings to the face of the Chickahominy River as the first rays of sun paint the morning sky red. Already, the village is awake — the people are making preparations for a new day.

Engraving by Theodor de Bry depicting the village of Secota, near Jamestown.

There are no schools here, but everyone in the village helps to educate each child. By the time they are adults they will learn many traditional skills.

As young adults, they will also learn their place in the circle of village life. Some will learn the medicinal value of every herb in the forest. Others will learn to speak with great eloquence. Others will learn the signs of the seasons, for planting and harvest. Regardless of their gifts, children learn that they are unique and treasured by the village.

There is no church here, but all of daily life is infused with spirituality and worship. Every meal, every healing herb, every new sunrise — all of life — is received with reverence as a new gift from Ahone, the Creator.

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