Our Vision For The Future

As we move into a new century, the Chickahominy tribe is excited about the future. We waited more than 400 years for federal recognition of our tribe, and we are excited about the opportunities that have opened to us as a result of recognition.

As America comes to terms with issues of sustainable lifestyle, responsible energy usage, and environmental stewardship, we see our ancient ways gaining renewed respect and value. We believe that our vision of life in harmony with creation offers hope for our nation and our world. We believe that our people can help lead the way into a better future.

New modes of communication–such as this Website–make it possible to share our story in new ways. With the help of friends like you, we believe our brightest days are yet to come.

To learn more about ways you can get involved or just come for a visit, be sure to view the Events section of this website–and come back often!

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